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System requirements: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).
USB stick capacity 8Gb or above. You can also use any memory card, like SD, MS, MMC, XD etc.
You can install the software also in a hard disk (internal and external).


Save the file "doctor-setup-en.exe" and follow the steps below to install the software in a USB stick.

Step 1

Copy the file "doctor-setup-en" (or doctor-setup-en.exe) in the USB stick and open the USB drive.

It is important to use a USB key of good quality, with plenty of storage (8Gb or 16Gb) and the file system should be NTFS.

Step 2

Double click on file "doctor-setup-en".

On Windows 10 you may get the following info box: Click "More info" and then click "Run anyway".

Step 3

Press the button "Extract" and wait for the extraction to finish.

It may take more than 10 minutes to extract the software on the USB stick.

Step 4

In the USB stick you will find the following files:

  • doctor (folder)
  • Autorun (or Autorun.inf)
  • doctor-app (or doctor-app.bat)
  • doctor-setup-en

Double click the file "doctor-app" to start the software.

You can delete the file "doctor-setup-en" from the USB stick.

When you use the software the following warning may appear; click on the button "Allow access" to not exclude some of the functions of the application:

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