Functionalities Overview

Patient Folder

Patient record, anamnesy, vaccinations, visits, revenue, appointments, relatives, measurements (laboratory and other).

You can attach one or more documents in the record and in the medical visits.


Display and manage your appointments.

View the appointments by day, week, month.

You can use the search feature to find an appointment.


Complete address book for your personal and professional data.


You can create charts about the number of the new or edited records, appointments, visits and revenue.
You can choose up to two different time periods or days and compare the charts.

Multiple Editing

You can view and edit at the same time more than one records and appointments.

Patient's Relatives

View and edit your patient's relatives (very useful when the patient is a child).

You can add more than one relative and set the relationship.

Export Contact Details

You can export all contacts data into VCard files.

The VCard files contain all the contact information (name, address, phone number etc) and you can import them into other applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, as well as in mobile phones and tablets.

You can include at the VCard files also the medical visits.


Create a backup of your medical archive, encrypted or not, and restore a previous version of the archive.

Keep up to date with the latest version of the software using the integrated update system.

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