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No Installation Required

Doctor is a software for the management of the medical office that doesn't need to be installed on the computer.

Your medical archive will not be saved on the computer: the entire medical archive and appointments will be saved only in the USB stick. Upon removal of the USB stick no evidence of the medical archive are left in the computer.

If the portability is not a requirement you can install the program also on the hard disk.

Easy to Use

The user interface has been designed to help the inexperienced users to use the program without training.
In the same time it tries to anticipate their needs. For example, the system learn your habits about the appointments and automatically selects the start time and duration.

You'll be amazed on how easy is to find and use all the available functionalities.

Operation Modes

  • Normal: just insert the USB stick in the computer and open the program.
  • Remote: start the program in your home computer and access it securely from everywhere. (Learn More)

Whichever operation mode you choose, you will be able to use the application simultaneously from all your devices, using only one USB stick. (Learn More)

Maximum Security

Τo be reassured that no one will be able to read your medical records and appointments, if you lose the USB stick, the program offers two levels of security:

  • you can activate the user authentication, using "username" and "password" your own choice.
  • you can encrypt the medical archive.

Offline Data Access

You can save the contacts information (telephone number, address, etc) in your smartphone.
You can also save in the smartphone the medical data (like the medical visits) and access them without an internet connection.

Supported Languages

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Supported writing modes:

  • Left to Right
  • Right to Left

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