Advanced Version

If the standard version doesn't fit your needs you can upgrade to the advanced version by purchasing a license (120).

Terms and Conditions

The license allows the use of the software in only one USB stick. You can not change the USB stick or delete and reinstall the software on the same or different USB key after the activation. If you want to transfer the software to another USB stick you have to do it before to purchase and activate the license.*

* the above conditions are also valid if you install the software in a hard disk or other support/device


Click the button "Buy Now" to be redirected to the PayPal site to continue with the purchase. The details of your credit card will not be sent to us and the entire transaction will be made exclusively by PayPal.


Send us an email at medix.doctor@gmail.com with the proof of the purchase and the application code and we'll send you the activation code.

If you can't afford to buy a license because there is a war in your country send us an email to have a free licensed copy.

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