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Remote use

You can use the application from everywhere, using your desktop and notebook computer, the tablet and your smart phone, by enabling the remote access. All you have to do is to start the application in your computer and access it securely via internet from any device having a browser. The communication between the devices is encrypted. Follow the steps below to enable the remote use.

Step 1

Select the tab "Remote use" and press the button "Activate remote use".

Step 2a

On failure you'll get the following message:

Press the button "Open the communication ports and retry" and then press the button "Yes" to open the communication ports:

If the problem persists you should check if the UPnP is enabled on the modem/router and configure the antivirus to allow the application to communicate with the Internet.

Step 2b

On success you'll get the following message:

Now the remote use is active and will remain active until you close the application.

Step 3

Open a browser (like Firefox) on the device from which you want connect to the application and write in the address bar the URL from step 2b:


The communication between the devices is encrypted. Your browser will display a warning message but that does not mean that there is a problem with the encryption.

Step 4

Βelow you'll see what to do in Firefox to bypass the warning message. Similarly you'll be able to bypass the warning message on the other browsers (Chrome, Safari,...).

Press the button "Advanced" and then the button "Add Exception..."

Press the button "Get certificate"

Press the button "Confirm Security Exception"

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