Functionalities Simultaneous use

Simultaneous use

If you want to use the application simultaneously on two or more computers, tablets and smartphones you have to open on these devices a browser (like Firefox), write on the location bar


and substitute the "computer_name" with the name of the computer where the application has been started (main computer).
If you have issues to connect using the computer name try to substitute it with the IP.

Computer Name & IP

You can find the computer name and the IP of the main computer in the home page of the application, at the top left:

computer name & ip


Download the file to open and close the communication ports.
Unzip the downloaded file in the same folder of the file doctor-app and double click the file open_firewall.

All the devices should be in the same network and the network should be set as "home network" otherwise the Windows will not allow the computers to connect.


To have the best result we recommend to download the Windows program "doctor-viewer-setup-en.exe" and install it in a USB stick or in the hard disk. Save the file and follow the steps below to install it in the USB stick.

Step 1

Copy the file "doctor-viewer-setup-en" in the USB stick.
Note: it's not the same USB stick at which is installed the main program.

Step 2

Open the USB drive and double click the file "doctor-viewer-setup-en".

In the window that opens press the button "Extract" and wait the installation to complete.

Step 3

In the USB stick you will find the following files:

  • doctor-viewer (folder)
  • Autorun (or Autorun.inf)
  • doctor-assistant (or doctor-assistant.exe)
  • doctor-viewer-setup-en

Double click the file "doctor-assistant" to start the program.

You can delete the file "doctor-viewer-setup-en" from the USB stick.

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